Third Party Administration

RMA Insurance Solutions is a full-service Third Party Administrator (TPA). We offer a wide range of services including marketing, customer service, administration, claims adjudication, and actuarial support.

Our TPA services are available individually or in combination. We have the capability to deliver our services both in English and French, across all provinces and territories.

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Administration Services

RMA Insurance Solutions is dedicated to providing quality administration to help you achieve your customer care requirements as well as your corporate risk management objectives.

Our services include:

  • Product development
  • Marketing and distribution services
  • Portfolio management and administration
  • Underwriting, pricing and risk assessment
  • Actuarial consulting
  • Toll free, bilingual customer service call centre support
  • Reinsurance program design services and contract wordings
  • Licensing applications and renewal assistance
  • Run-off administration

RMA can deliver all these services or only a selection, allowing our clients to keep specific functions in-house if they prefer.

To learn more about how to leverage our expertise, call us at 416.408.2602 or contact us.

Claims Services

RMA Insurance Solutions has been managing Life, Disability and Loss of Employment insurance claims, in addition to other warranty-related claims for various lines of business, for over 20 years. Our claims adjudication systems have been developed to ensure prompt service, secure data, and useful and timely management reporting. We have a proven record of prudent judgment and fair treatment of claimants.

Our services include:

  • Efficient and accurate claims processing
  • Bilingual forms and correspondence
  • Toll free, bilingual claims inquiry service
  • Detailed claim data tracking
  • Compliance with all Provincial Regulatory and Reporting requirements

To learn more about our claims management services, call us at 416.408.2602 or contact us online.