About Us

A track record of innovation, expertise, integrity and growth.

In 1996, we founded RMA with the goal of providing meaningful value to the insurance and reinsurance industry. We worked to achieve that goal by serving as independent specialists dedicated to the development, delivery, and effective management of innovative client programs.

Since that time, we have been proud to serve as a trusted partner to a wide range of insurers, reinsurers, lenders, and vendors. What started as a two-person company focused on a limited number of reinsurance products has grown to become one of Canada’s most experienced professional services teams with greater than $475M of annual premium under management and an average of 20% growth year over year since 2014.

Today, RMA delivers a variety of risk management solutions to Life reinsurance and Accident & Health insurance and reinsurance clients. We also offer third-party administration (TPA) and consulting services for Insurance products.

Over the years, the market has responded favourably to RMA’s programs. Clients value our proven pricing and underwriting techniques as well as our dedicated consulting solutions. As the insurance industry evolves, we continue to help our clients navigate successfully: managing risk, capturing opportunity with new and profitable product lines, maximizing profits by stabilizing financial results, increasing efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction.

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