Preventing an accident from occurring is difficult. At times, the only real action an organization can take is to obtain adequate insurance coverage to protect the financial livelihood of its employees and to mitigate its own financial liability.

Coverage may be obtained for different periods of cover:
•   Continuous (24 hours a day worldwide)
•   Occupational
•   Non-Occupational
•   Insured Journey outside country of domicile

Main Covers
•   Death
•   Dismemberment
•   Disability
•   Disappearance
•   Loss of Sight
•   Loss of Speech
•   Loss of Hearing

Ancillary Benefits
•   Bereavement Benefit
•   Day Care Benefit
•   Dependent Child Educational Benefit
•   Family Transportation
•   Felonious Assault Benefit
•   Funeral Expense
•   Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification
•   Identification Benefit
•   In-Hospital Benefit
•   Rehabilitation Benefit
•   Repatriation Benefit
•   Seat Belts Benefit
•   Spousal Education Benefit

As with all our A&H Products, our solutions are designed to cover special risks such as:
•   Occupations and industries that are classified as a high risk or high profile
•   Individuals engaging in hazardous activities
•   High Limit coverage amounts in excess of base policy maximums
•   Mobile Workforce
•   War and Terrorism risk

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