We at RMA are proud to share some news with you.

Each year the SOA Reinsurance Section publishes an important market share survey of the US and Canadian life reinsurance markets (popularly called the “Munich Survey” since it’s administered by Munich Re). This survey receives a lot of attention both from the reinsurer community and people at ceding companies as a kind of score card for the industry.

Even though RMA is not a reinsurer, all three of our reinsurance partners agreed that we should make a common contribution to the survey as RMA. We submitted our 2019 results earlier this year.

In July 2020 the results were published, and RMA came in as the sixth largest individual life reinsurer in the US as measured by 2019 recurring new business volume, ahead of some ‘household names’ in the industry.  We’re on the map in Canada as well, though with a smaller market share than in the US.  You can find the survey results at https://www.soa.org/globalassets/assets/library/newsletters/reinsurance-section-news/2020/july/rsn-07-2020.pdf

We think this establishes in the public eye what our clients already know – that RMA is a mainstream choice for mortality risk transfer in the US and Canada life reinsurance markets.

Those to whom our gratitude is due are numerous: our reinsurer business partners, our ceding company clients, and our employees – thanks to each one of you!

Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about our life reinsurance offering.