Whether an employer is looking to supplement the existing coverage it offers to its employees through a Group Extended Health Care (EHC) Plan or is seeking to reduce its EHC Stop-Loss premiums by carving out emergency medical costs incurred outside of Canada, RMA’s comprehensive Travel package offers a full range of Emergency Travel and Ancillary Benefits.

The financial implications alone of an accident or illness incurred abroad can be devastating, let alone any number of other difficulties one may encounter under such circumstances.

While most extended health care programs offer 24-hour emergency medical coverage for employees and eligible dependents, there are a number of exclusions and conditions associated with these programs that may result in higher risk exposure. For example, these policies typically do not include emergency evacuation in the event of a Natural Disaster, Civil Unrest, War and Terrorism.

RMA offers a comprehensive travel package that can provide you with the coverage you need to protect your employees from those potential risks, whether they are travelling on business or vacation.  The features and benefits of our offering include the following:

Personal Accident
•   Death, Dismemberment, Disability, Loss of Sight

•  Medical Expenses due to Accident or Sickness
•   Emergency Medical Evacuation
•   Medical Repatriation
•   Hospital Inconvenience
•   Emergency Reunion Expenses

Security Evacuation
•  Evacuation and Repatriation Costs
•  Search and Rescue Expenses
•   Kidnap Consultants’ Costs
•   Personal Security Specialist Expenses

•  Pre-Trip Cancellation
•   Trip Interruption
•   Replacement and Change of Itinerary
•   Aggregate Limit
•   Travel Delay
•   Missed Departure

Ancillary Business Travel Benefits
•   Personal Belongings
•   Loss or theft of Money
•   Hijack and Kidnap
•   Personal Liability
•   Legal Expenses

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