Our Resources

Your goals, our resources…

Fundamentals… RMA has the actuarial, underwriting, administration, and claims expertise as well as the technology platforms necessary to deliver our mission across a wide variety of risk classes including life, accident and health, and specialty insurance products.

Relationships… We have strong relationships with a select group of committed, high quality risk-takers, all of which have excellent financial resources, a superior capital and surplus position, and exceptional industry ratings for financial strength and claims-paying ability.

Record… We also have a proven track record of working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and to enhance their efficiency and profitability—whether by developing successful new lines of business, helping manage their insurance risk, or by streamlining their operations.

Many leading companies turn to RMA to:

  • Enhance their competitive standing
  • Source large-line capacity from high-quality risk-takers
  • Protect their financial resources, and manage financial/reserve strain
  • Comply with regulatory capital requirements
  • Manage revenue and unknown accumulations of risk
  • Develop, market, and administer new products
  • Support their entry into new territories
  • Enhance existing product lines by identifying new markets or developing new strategies
  • Outsource services such as portfolio management and administration cost-effectively

To learn how our resources can help you to realize new possibilities, call us at 416.408.2602 or reach us contact us.