The Loss of Licence benefit is an innovative offering which was originally tailored to the aviation industry and marine industries. In the event of a License being revoked by the applicable licensing authority due to an accident or sickness resulting in a permanent and total disability, a non-taxable lump sum benefit is paid out.

For individuals where no formal license is required such as cabin crew members, the permanent loss of Flying Status1 will trigger a benefit payout. The cost varies by age, group profile and size of the group and various exclusions may apply2. Coverage may be extended to other industries where the permanent loss of license is medically driven.

Why is this Coverage Important?
The aviation industry is subject to special risks that are generally excluded under standard accident and health products. Due to the strict medical qualifications required to be employed in the aviation industry, many illnesses and/or accidents may result in the Loss of Licence or Flying Status. Such illnesses and accidents may not be covered under other products such as Accidental Dismemberment and Critical Illness benefits. Benefits could be used towards recouping education and licensing costs, assisting with medical expenses, paying off debt and beginning a new career.

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1 Flying Status is the ability to be employed on a permanent basis as Cabin Crew having achieved the necessary medical standards but where no license or certificate is issued.
2 Pre-existing conditions (i.e. illness and accident) exclusions may apply.