The number of kidnappings in the world has increased at an alarming pace in recent years and the vast majority of these events are not made public. Kidnapping is a growing source of income for various criminal groups and due to the instability in many parts of the world, the prevalence of kidnappings is unfortunately not expected to decrease in the near future.

Most companies have implemented initiatives to mitigate the risk associated with their benefit programs.  These include wellness, workplace safety and absence management programs, to name a few.  However, many have not thought to also establish a formal business travel risk management plan, an omission which could be extremely damaging from a corporate reputation standpoint.

Some organizations may feel they are prepared to deal with the financial aspects of a kidnapping situation but the reality is that most are not equipped to manage such a critical situation.

Our Kidnap and Ransom package can assist your organization in all aspects of the rescue effort by covering you for the following expenses:
•   Ransom Monies Paid
•   Loss of Ransom in Transit
•   Consultant Costs
•   Additional Care Expenses
•   Personal Accident
•   Personal Specialized Security
•   Expenses
•   Salary Continuance/Replacement
   Replacement Home Expenses