RMA has developed a comprehensive income replacement solution which provides coverage in the event of accident or illness. It is designed to pay benefits during a period of temporary total disability (TTD) up to a maximum of 60 months, with a lump sum benefit payable in the event of a permanent total disability (PTD). The PTD lump sum is meant to replace the stream of monthly disability benefits payable up to age 65.

This coverage may be used in the following situations:
•   Alternative to Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits offered by traditional domestic carriers.
•   Top-up plan in situations where plan maximums result in insufficient coverage levels.

RMA’s Disability solution may be customized and both the TTD and PTD offerings may be purchased on a stand-alone basis. We have the ability to offer large coverage amounts, making our product an ideal solution for the following types of policies:
•   Key Person Policy;
•   Buy-Sell Agreements; and
•   Business Overhead Coverage

As with all our A&H Products, our solutions are designed to cover special risks such as:
•   Occupations and industries classified as high risk or high profile
•   Individuals engaging in hazardous activities
•   High Limit coverage amounts in excess of base policy maximums
•   Mobile Workforce
•   War and Terrorism risk