RMA’s Accident & Health Portfolio consists of industry leading products and solutions that have been carefully designed by our in-house A&H experts. Our long-standing relationships with international specialty Accident & Health carriers enable us to tailor solutions and meet the unique requirements of our clients.  Every organization and group is different and at RMA, we believe that our clients should be given the option to customize their coverage.

RMA’s Accident & Health suite of products is designed to address and extend coverage in the following situations:
•   Traditional insurance markets are unable to offer coverage;
•   Coverage is available through traditional markets but the financial and/or service terms are uncompetitive;
•   Creative financial and risk mitigation alternatives for self-insured programs;
•   Occupations and industries that are classified as high risk or high profile;
•   Individuals engaging in hazardous activities;
•   Special groups such as students, sports teams and volunteers;
•   High Limit coverage amounts in excess of base policy maximums;
•   Mobile workforce;
•   War and Terrorism risk

More detailed information on the products we offer may be found at the following links:
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•   Disability
•   Self Insured Program Solutions
•   Loss of Licence
•   Expatriate Solutions
•   Business Travel
•   Kidnap and Ransom